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Our History

GayGlos has a long history since starting in 1989. We have had a number of names and structures, becoming GayGlos in 2005 and registering as a charity in 2012. As a charity we have a board of Trustees overseeing the running of the charity and our services. 

September 1989

Formed "Gloucestershire Friend", embarked on a six-month set-up, fund raising and volunteer training programme.

March 1990

Telephone Helpline and Face-to-Face services began.

June 1990

We affiliated to National Friend Ltd, an umbrella support organisation and registered charity (although now disbanded).

October 1994

Organised & Hosted National Friend Conference - Sir Ian McKellen became our patron.

April 1997

Name changed from "Gloucestershire Friend" to "Gay & Lesbian Friend Helpline (Gloucestershire)" to better reflected our work at that time.

January 1998

Launched website and email Helpline direct support service.

Thought to be the first LGB&T support group in the UK to provide email support service.

April 2000

Became a member of the Consortium of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered voluntary and community organisations.

May 2005

Successful Big Lottery bid announced for Development & Rural Outreach Workers.

August 2005

2-year Big Lottery funding commenced.

September 2005

Name changed to "GAY-GLOS" with a strap-line of 'supporting LGBT people, their families and friends'. Shorter to remember and use.

Dropping the words Friend and Helpline removed our old link to the defunct National Friend Ltd and the implication of only being a Helpline. Range of services much broader.

Domain name simplified to Gay-Glos.

February 2006

First Rural Friendship Groups launched.

February 2010

Website revamped, catering for Accessibility and compliance with Disability Discrimination Act requirements.

The news section on our Home page was moved to a News page on its own. It lists our own news items and notices as well as some mainstream new items and contributions from website visitors.

April 2010

Rural Friendship Groups amalgamated into a Social Calendar of events & activities.

July 2010

Limited GAY-GLOS details on Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook (GAY-GLOS) and Twitter (GAYGLOS)

April 2011

Reducing demand for Services.

Telephone Helpline - Operational days reduced from all 5 weekday evenings to 3 days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week, 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

December 2011

Ceased direct provision of our personal support through our Telephone Helpline, Email Helpline and Face to Face Meetings. Difficult decision taken after a decline in demand in recent years.

Telephone Helpline and Face to Face Meeting services ran for nearly 22 years; Email Helpline service for 14 years from January 1998.

Strategic Engagement, External Training and Education Programmes for Schools and Colleges continued. Plans for a new Youth Group in progress following award of funds for 1 year pilot.

April 2012

Practical arrangements and promotion of the social group for young people (14-18 yrs old) who are LGBT and those exploring their sexual orientation or gender.

Became an accredited as a Partner Club of Young Gloucestershire Youth Club Partnership Scheme.

July 2012

First meeting of the GAY-GLOS Youth group. See youth group page for more details.

March 2013

Awarded funds from the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Fund (OPCC) for one year.

February 2014

Confirmation of extension of Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund for a further 3 years to March 2016.

February 2015

Funds awarded for Hate Crime work by OPCC.

March 2015

PO Box Number closed (after 25 years of use) due to reduced demand and increased Royal Mail costs. (Contact by email and telephone for postal address if needed.)

April 2016

Landline telephone number in use since 1989 no longer available, replaced by mobile: 07903 472899.

December 2016

Confirmed 4-year extension funding from OPCC for Youth Group and Hate Crime on a sliding reducing level.

October 2018

‘Pilot’ Parents Group launched, meeting in central Gloucester 2nd Saturday in each month.

May 2019

Obtained funding for our Parents Group


We obtained Refugee and Asylum funding, and launched the new Social Group


Our key focus remains on young people through schools, youth group and parent support; and our strategic engagement on Hate Incidents and Crimes, Suicide Prevention; VCS Alliance.

August 2020

New Website Launched.

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