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We are fortunate living in the UK that being LGB or T is no longer a crime and that we are protected by the law.  In many countries it is a criminal offence and in some punishable by death.  For that reason LGBT people seek Asylum in the UK where it is fairly safe to be yourself.

However, it is not easy to claim Asylum here on the grounds of Sexual Orientation or Transgender identity.  You have to prove that you are LGB or T.  Those seeking Asylum who end up in Gloucestershire will often make contact with GARAS (Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) for support.  Those who are LGB or T seeking Asylum will be referred to GayGlos.

GayGlos work with clients, supporting them to find other LGBT social groups and friends.  We offer them emotional support and an understanding of life in Gloucestershire and other parts of the UK.  We help them put together their LGBT Storyline.  This is a very powerful way of establishing their LGBT credentials and has become a very successful way of countering the Home Office position of 'not credible', in other words prove that you are gay.

We work with Solicitors and Barristers helping them to understand how powerful their client's LGBT Storyline is in court.  We have a very good record of successful outcomes for the clients we have worked with to date.

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